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Incredible Pair of Perry Davis Pain Killer Bottles

USD $1,000.00

Two spectacular quack medicine bottles sold as a pair. If you collect patent medicine or quack medicine bottles then most certainly you’re familiar with Davis Vegetable Pain Killer. The name, advertising and bottles had been synonymous with American Patent medicine ...

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Woods Canadian Vegetable Liquid

USD $225.00

Wood’s Canadian Vegetable Liquid! Prepared by Paschal Wood, South Natick and Lowell, Mass. Embossed on back Canadian/Vegetable, embossed on one side as Woods and embossed on other side as liquid. Paper label on front in excellent condition. Label states the ...

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Brook & Stark, Hamilton

USD $180.00

Early three piece mould, aqua, smooth base, label only Hamilton medicine bottle. Nice distinct mould marks. Partial Label states this as being from Brook & Stark Medical and Dispensing Chemists. A partial address is legible as being on the corner ...

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Dr. Wilson’s Herbine Bitters

USD $75.00

ORIGINAL RED LABEL states: cures for jaundice, dyspepsia, headache A TRUE BLOOD PURIFIER Embossed on back: DR. WILSON’S/HERBINE BITTERS/THE BRAYLEY DRUG CO./LIMITED/ST JOHN . N.B. Hand tooled lip Smooth base Clear 6.5” tall

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Wood’s Canadian Vegetable Liquid

USD $225.00

Complete Paper label on front w/ directions 1868 Lowell, Mass. Elongated neck w/hand tooled lip Classic example of “quacker tactics” when marketing a medicine. In this case, Canadian’s have been assigned a mysterious quality in an effort to market the ...

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Gallup’s Mystic Cough Mixture

USD $125.00

Prepared by Benj. Gallup Crisp clear and complete paper label on front and back panel Circa 1860 With contents Professionally sealed for shipping Flare lip Open pontil base Aqua 4.75” tall

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