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Hoaxes, Humbugs, and Spectacles by Mark Sloan

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ASTONISHING PHOTOGRAPHS OF SMELT WRESTLERS, HUMAN PROJECTILES, GIANT HAILSTONES, CONTORTIONISTS, ELEPHANT IMPERSONATORS, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! Publisher: Villard Books 162 pages with Amazing photos on most. 10.5″ x 8.5″ Hard Cover with Dust Jacket. Book in Good Condition

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Body Play Magazine Issue #14

Body Play And Modern Primitives… Quarterly Vol. 4, No.2… Issue #14 Inside.. Beyond Belief.. Torture King and Sharon Nickle As Impervious Aziza Flesh Hooks.. Suspensions Part II Getting Bodies Modified

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Monsters Human Freaks in America’s Gilded Age

USD $200.00

The Photographs of Chas, Eisenmann, collected & edited by Michael Mitchell.  Among the strangest and most compelling studio photographs of the nineteenth century were those produced by the New York photographer Charles Eisenmann. Working in his studio on the Bowery, then ...

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Seeing Is Believing America’s Sideshows Book

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A soft covered book by A.W. Stencell. The history of American midway attractions is a rich one. From the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair to the advent of World War II, Seeing Is Believing explores American sideshows and the showmen who ...

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Circus World Museum Presents Trains of the Circus 1872-1956

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Circus World Museum Presents Trains of the Circus 1872-1956 by Fred Dahlinger Previously owned by Billy Jamieson. Book contains behind-the-scenes photographs displaying the exciting and unusual construction and operation of circus trains. Colourfully illustrated red soft cover with white titling, ...

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Canadian National Series of School Books-1869

USD $35.00

An English Grammar for the use of Junior Classes.  By H.W. Davies, B.D., Second Master of Normal School, Province of Ontario.  Toronto: Published by Adam Miller, 1869 Hard cover book, tight binding, 124 reading pages, excellent condition, all pages legible ...

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