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Billy Jamieson Pre-Columbian Terra Cotta Head

Pre-Columbian Terra Cotta Head

USD $500.00

A small Pre-Columbian terracotta head, likely South American, which once belonged to a complete statue. The nose is bulbous, and the area surrounding the mouth is raised, suggesting prior painted decoration of a mask or ceremonial mouth covering. The earrings ...

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Mexican Clay Ceramic Jar

USD $650.00

From the collection of William ‘Billy’ Jamieson. A red clay ceramic jar from Mexico, possibly but unlikely Pre-Columbian, with three molded handles, a broken rim, and other cracked or missing decorum. The exterior is carved with a variety of pre-Columbian ...

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Small Red Painted Wooden Bulb

USD $90.00

From the collection of William ‘Billy’ Jamieson. A small red painted wooden bulb, with a small wooden top opening surrounded by jagged wood. Loose wood in interior, possibly a rattle. Provenance unknown.

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Clay Middle Eastern Vessel

USD $950.00

From the collection of William ‘Billy’ Jamieson. A fragmented 15th century black drinking vessel, the body swelling from a splayed foot and culminating in a horned rim with a three-ringed carved lip. The exterior is dusted, with a protruding long ...

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African Wooden Long-Horned Gazelle Sculpture

USD $525.00

From the collection of William ‘Billy’ Jamieson. A 20th century wooden African sculpture of a long-horned gazelle, possibly the top ornament of a headdress. The body is curved and carved into a small rectangular base, and is attached to the ...

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Mosasaur Teeth

USD $25.00

These fossil teeth come from the T-Rex of the prehistoric seas! And roaming the earth at the same time as the T-Rex, 65 million years ago this bad boy terrorized waters around the world… the sea-going reptile, MOSASAUR. The largest ...

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