Consignment Form

Conditions of Consignment:

  • Pricing – A reasonable price, is one that the market will bear, this will be mutually agreed upon for each item between consignee and CCNT management. In some cases, lower offers are extended by potential buyers, CCNT suggests indicating a “lowest acceptable” sales price in addition to agreed upon sticker price. CCNT staff will always work on your behalf to realize the best possible price.
  • CCNT will display the consignee’s property in the store for a fee of 25% selling price
  • CCNT may also extend worldwide promotion of select items on their web site. The consigner agrees to an additional fee of 5% of selling price for each item listed. This includes basic research and photography.
  • The consignee agrees to a standard flexibility in final sales price to a maximum of 15% discount unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • All applicable taxes shall be collected and paid by CCNT on behalf of the consignee.
  • Consignment checks will only be issued after the 15th of each month and only if the amount comes to over one hundred dollars or unless other arrangements are agreed upon.
  • Items consigned to CCNT shall not be advertised elsewhere, unless there is mutual agreement made.
  • The consignee agrees to a minimum consignment term of 60 days.
  • CCNT reserves the right to cancel the consignment agreement at it’s sole discretion.
  • Any items scheduled to be returned to the consignee must be removed from the premises within 7 days unless other arrangements are made and agreed upon by CCNT. Any items not removed become the property of CCNT and may be disposed of as seen fit by CCNT.
  • All records of consignments items and sales are the responsibility of CCNT.

Risk of Loss

  • While the consignee’s items are in CCNT’s possession, CCNT will bear the risk of damage to or loss of the property. If the items are damaged or lost, CCNT will pay you the consignee the selling price listed less the stated commission.


  • We at CCNT will not give appraisals. What we can do is give you an assessment or recommendation of what we believe the market will bear.
  • We offer local (50km radius), in-home assessment for $50.00 and distant (50km+ radius) in-home assessment for $50.00 plus mileage (50¢/km). For items brought into the store for assessment and left on consignment there will be no assessment fees.
  • CCNT will not be held responsible for any discrepencies between realized sales price and any other evaluation or appraisal before or after final sales.

Item Pickup

  • Cabinet of Curiosities will pick up consignments for a $20 fee within the 50 km area. Outside of 50km it is $20 plus mileage (50 cents/km). View a map of our consignment area

If you have multiple item’s you’d like to consign, please fill out this excel sheet and email it to us, otherwise please use the form below.

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