Ca. 1940s Child size viewing casket. A beautiful tribute to life and death. solid wood construction with hand painted flowers and flourishes. A viewing window opens up to a white silk lined interior. Approx 4ft tall.

childs-viewing-casket-5 childs-viewing-casket-4 childs-viewing-casket-3 childs-viewing-casket-2 childs-viewing-casket-6 childs-viewing-casket-1 white child's casket viewing casket child's casket

vintage-jewelry-acb-0-cabinet-of-curiosities vintage-jewelry-acb-1-cabinet-of-curiosities vintage-jewelry-acb-2-cabinet-of-curiosities

From the collection of William ‘Billy’ Jamieson.

A large wooden hollow African helmet mask, a Makonde mask from Tanzania. The face shows remnants of a previous paintjob, with the carved eyelids, nose, and mouth painted in red and the eyes and teeth painted in white. A bare patch of incised wood on the crown of the head shows remains of previous hair decoration.

makonde-mask-4-cabinet-of-curiosities makonde-mask-3-cabinet-of-curiosities makonde-mask-2-cabinet-of-curiosities

Merycoidodon culbertsoni

Class Mammalia, Order Artiodactyla, Suborder Oreodonta, Family Merycoidodontidae, Subfamily Oreodontinae

Geologic Time: Oligocene – (35 million years ago)


Merycoidodon was an oreodont, meaning “mountain tooth”, and were hoofed herbivorous (plant-eating) mammals. Merycoidodon was a quadrupedal ruminant closely related to camels, pigs, and sheep. The skull was elongated and the upper canines were chisel shaped; the cheek teeth were used for grinding. It could reach a length of 4.5 ft long.

oreodont-cabinet-of-curiosities-6 oreodont-cabinet-of-curiosities-5 oreodont-cabinet-of-curiosities-4 oreodont-cabinet-of-curiosities-3 oreodont-cabinet-of-curiosities-2 oreodont-cabinet-of-curiosities-1 oreodont-cabinet-of-curiosities 1922084_10154008871755313_2368430342368890627_n

The Ifugao Tribe on the island Luzon in the Philippines, use Bulul statues as guardians to protect the rice harvest after a ritual animal sacrifice.
One stand 18″ and the other 14 1/2″.

rice-god-3-cabinet-of-curiosities rice-god-2-cabinet-of-curiosities

Congolese fetish of Nkisi Nkondi, a female power figure, with nails

Sacrificial and ceremonial bone dagger.

Knife itself is 13″ long.


bone-knife-5-cabinet-of-curiosities bone-knife-4-cabinet-of-curiosities bone-knife-3-cabinet-of-curiosities bone-knife-2-cabinet-of-curiosities bone-knife-1-cabinet-of-curiosities human-bone-knife-3-cabinet-of-curiosities human-bone-knife-2-cabinet-of-curiosities human-bone-knife-1-cabinet-of-curiosities



*Please Note* The eye is no longer with us.

The all seeing EYE! an incredible folk art sign from an Oddfellows lodge once mounted in the ceiling and dating to 1897 this handpainted embossed large panel is one of a kind!

all-seeing-eye-cabinet-of-curiosities-2 all-seeing-eye-cabinet-of-curiosities-1

Ursus Spelaeus, Romanian Cave Bear Paw

1934 Phoenix Bird hood Ornament! These original old ornaments are getting hard to find. This one has on the underside… Design Patent and # 91300, and also T 29702.

See all the pictures to see how it’s aged. A little rough, but still a super cool piece.




A wonderful teacher’s apparatus, or veterinarian desk display. A unique item, in very nice shape.

On the small front plate…

The Geo. M. Hendry Co. Ltd.
Physical and Chemical Apparatus
Toronto, Ontario

Possibly one of the most unique skulls to cross the threshold of The Cabinet! Aged and ominous, this greenish gold painted skull has what appears to be real gold set within the cracks and crevices.
From the Billy Jamieson Collection.