I just can’t help thinking there has to be an irony in here somewhere… a Far Side card from Mark David Chapman… Most of us don’t need any introduction to the Far Side… an all to familiar and relatable cartoon / illustrative offering that revealed the uniqueness that routinely disguises itself as the subtleties we take for granted in day to day life… launching in 1980, the Far Side was the original take on “The Show About Nothing” … Seinfeld would take that crown some 9 years later… but in 1980, the Far Side was an evolution in culture and humour… whereas the introduction of Chapman into a world spotlight may be forever remembered as the decline of culture and humanity.

In that same year that the Far Side made it’s first appearance, a single individual would also make himself known for reasons at the other end of the spectrum, the world would come to know the name Mark David Chapman as the man who silenced an icon, the man who silenced John Lennon.


Cabinet of Curiosities has been working with the local filmmaking community renting unique props to enhance productions, on Saturday November 7th we’ll be at The Hamilton Film Expo!

One of a kind original authentic FX pieces from the special effects master Gordon Smith. Material will be on display and for sale ranging from $30 to $3,000. A once in a lifetime chance to own original pieces used in both development and production of some of films and televisions most memorable characters, part of a collection appraised at over $1.5 million. Films represented will include X-men, Stephen King’s Night Shift, Nixon, Jacob’s Ladder, Platoon, Truman, Snow Falling on Cedars, Ghosts of Mississippi, Mimic, Threshold, K9 and many others. Television shows are also represented such as Robocop, Total recall, The Fringe and more! Many of these items have been on display at TIFF and have never been offered for sale to the public.

Cabinet of Curiosities and Otherwise Needful Things, based in Dundas, ON will also present a collection of distinct oddities and curiosities from its vast collection of prop rentals and collections for sale. A truly unique destination where the phrase “expect the unexpected” rings true upon every visit. In the Cabinet you’ll discover treasures from around the world and from every dark corner and twisted mind that are sure to amaze, intrigue, shock and inspire. Specializing in world treasures, tribal, taxidermy, apothecary and the macabre, Cabinet of Curiosities is an experience unto itself.