In the name of the father, the son and Holey Cow have we been blessed!!!…how so you ask? This week one of the most beautiful of robes happened to make its way into our little shop. The robe came from the grand daughter of a bishop who served in a local Hamilton church. Overall it is excellent condition and is made from the most beautiful ornate quality material – in a nutshell, a simply divine garment.

We all know the story about the fictional character called Pinocchio – the wooden puppet carved by a shoemaker in a small Italian village, a puppet who dreamed of transforming into a real boy. As a kid I could totally relate to him not because of his grand nose but for his penchant for spinning tales and fabricating lies for a whole host of reasons – these days as an antique dealer I would never dream of spinning tales like I did back in my youth though I must say I know a few people in the business who might be well suited with a name like “PINOCCHIO” For offer is a beautifully preserved tin toy from 1939, and although his nose doesn’t grow when he is wound up he certainly struggles when it comes to making direct eye contact!