An exceptional find that will bring you to your knees!

A wonderful velvet covered KNEELER with heavy brass frame.

Size: 42″ long (across the back), standing 29″ high, with a 20″ depth.

Happy monthday to your favorite antique & vintage boutique

After 1 month of being open we can feel the momentum building – the response to our little shop of curiosities has been nothing but positive – each day is an adventure as more and more interesting people and items continue to move in and out of our doors – stay tuned to our website as we are continually updating and adding new and exciting items – our one of a kind vintage shop looks forward to continual growth and becoming a permanent member of the Dundas community!

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James Osborne Ovoid Crock

This ain’t no ordinary crock of……

You’re looking at 3 gallons of Spectacular!

A 3-gallon salt glaze ovoid crock with the capacity and blue banner design that boasts the classic signature of the Hart Pottery of Fulton New York and possesses the magical powers of Harry Potter…

Hurd's Concentrated Magical Mixture

Long before Tide introduced the stain remover pen there was Hurd’s Magical Mixture in a Tin. Could this have been the original stain remover? Patented in 1877 by Marsh & Co. the vintage tin reads, “Beware of Imitations.”

No doubt this little piece is the real deal folks– a gem with little wear, just perfect for collectors of vintage tins and advertising pieces.

19th Century Embalming Machine

We get it that not everyone is in the business of restoring dead bodies back to their natural appearance, but we also know there are loads of collectors out there who are intrigued by items related to the mortuary industry… for lack of a better description let’s just say mortuary collectibles is a hobby that has taken on a life of it’s own.

Vintage Antique Barber's Bowl

To ensure a nice clean shave, 18th century barbershops throughout England and France would have used this type oval pewter basin (with section cut out on brim) on all of their preferred customers.
So sit back, relax and let the 18th Century barber go to work. Hopefully your barber doesn’t go by the name of Sweeny Todd. If he does, you just might need more than an Oval Basin to take care of the mess…..

Prototype Serving Bottle (Patented 1878)

For offer: the original prototype of this unique serving vessel Patent No. 207,502. A very rare, one of a kind piece of Gilded Age history.

To fully appreciate this patented invention you have to think back to the 1870s, a time MARK TWAIN coined as the Gilded Age – a time of progress, a time Americans were introduced to electricity as a source of light and power, and a time when ice was an expensive commodity.

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Welcome to our emporium and homage to days of old where quite often the act of inventing proved more important than the invention itself; when an industrial revolution in home and industry gave rise to an art that blurred the lines between form and function. We can’t promise that every piece will have you scratching your head in wonder or smiling with inspired amusement… but we will endeavor to present and preserve a myriad of curiosities and otherwise needful things that you WILL appreciate here and nowhere else.